DeForest Area High School, STEM Addition and Renovation

DeForest, Wisconsin

  • FIRM

    Bray Architects


    DeForest Area School District

  • AREA

    30,749 sq.ft.





Design team:
Bray Architects (Architect); Ambrose Engineering, Inc. (Structural Engineer); Point of Beginning, Inc. (Civil Engineer); Fredericksen Engineering, Inc. (HVAC Design); Muermann Engineering, LLC (Plumbing & Electrical Engineer)

DeForest Area High School sought to broaden its technical education and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY401COST PER SQ FT$104.00FEATURED IN2017 Architectural Portfolio by creating a state-of-the-art addition. The thoughtfully designed space encourages student collaboration and enhances learning with new shop areas and support classrooms; existing space was extensively renovated to create specialty classrooms.
The design team transformed existing shop areas into agriculture classrooms, as well as digital design and science labs. Agriculture spaces feature aquaponics and a collapsible box stall to hold live cattle to support unique curriculum. Shop spaces (wood/metals/auto) and support classrooms moved to the addition; a new STEM commons is equipped with bright, flexible furniture and charging stations. Glass barn doors create transparency between classrooms and academic flex areas, and a full-length clerestory allows natural light to flood the space. A reclaimed wood presentation wall acts as a centerpiece for the commons.
The new and transformed spaces create a cutting-edge environment and blend seamlessly with the existing building by featuring brown masonry and new cement fiber panels.