Mill Valley Elementary School

Marysville, Ohio

  • FIRM

    MKC Associates, Inc.


    Marysville Exempted Village School District

  • AREA

    58,600 sq.ft.





Marysville, Ohio, is a thriving community that has seen tremendous growth primarily due to the industrial development in the area. To compensate for this growth, a bond issue was passed to construct a new K-5 school building.

The Mill Valley Elementary School is divided into three zones, each branching from the main entrance: a central core that contains the ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY550COST PER SQ FT$86.29FEATURED IN1998 Architectural Portfolio offices, library, cafeteria, kitchen, gymnasium, art and music rooms; an academic wing for grades K-2; and an academic wing for grades 3-5. Student orientation is enhanced through the use of color in the floor tile to represent the three different zones.

The gymnasium also serves as a multipurpose room with a raised platform, stage lights and a sound system, which were added to facilitate assemblies, guest speakers and meetings.

The design of each classroom incorporates windows, a sink, a drinking fountain and individual, open-face, locker-like cubicles. Networked computer outlets are scattered throughout the classrooms. Tack strips line the hallway walls where teachers can display student work.