Lake Zurich High School, Studio “C”

Lake Zurich, Illinois

  • FIRM

    DLA Architects, Ltd.


    Lake Zurich Community Unit School District 95

  • AREA

    3,100 sq.ft.





At any given time, at least 50 high school students are huddled in groups, showcasing peer-to-peer learning in Studio C. Studio C, short for Studio Collaboration, has become the most popular area at the school. Repurposing an antiquated auditorium/lecture space created an environment on campus that had been missing.
Before Studio C, students left campus to find ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$291.00CITATIONGold CitationFEATURED IN2017 Educational Interiors ShowcaseINTERIOR CATEGORYCommon Areas meeting places for required collaboration. The students’ idea to renovate a space that had been used for detention resulted in an open, cool, casual environment to study and hang out. It enables students to collaboratively investigate problems or questions, work together, and share findings in a multitude of unique approaches that all support the attributes of 21st-century learners.
Brainstorming areas combine with digital connectivity for real-time investigation or collaboration and provide a modern, flexible space. Vibrant colors paired next to natural materials express the variation of nature and provide a sense of warmth.
Students use Studio C throughout the day; it gives them the freedom and independence needed to tap into their largest resource­—one another.