Library Informal Learning Space

Chicago, Illinois

The goal of the Library is to become the Intellectual and Cultural Center of the campus, the community, and beyond. The proposed design transforms the existing 1960’s era building from a “pass-through” to a building that encourages patrons to linger through a variety of amenities and spaces such as student study and work areas, exhibits of unique archives, and public gathering spaces. The addition re-organizes the collection through high-density storage to give greater area to the student experience. An amphitheater-like forum stair provides a nod to the original UIC forum plaza by Walter Netsch as a place where students can congregate and informal or spontaneous events can take place. The new 200-seat auditorium provides a public meeting venue to offer programs, performances, readings and other library and campus events. The re-organization provides exhibit space for many types of materials related to the campus’s academic interests.

The conceptual design explores trends emerging for current and future university libraries and will be used to assist the Library staff in their fund raising efforts.