Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. High School

New Orleans, Louisiana

  • FIRM

    CORE Construction


    The Recovery School District

  • AREA

    139,000 sq.ft.





Design team
Schrenk, Endom and Flanagan, LLC (Structural and Civil Engineer); Moses Engineering, Inc. (MEP Engineer), Futch Design Associates, Inc. (Kitchen/Food Service); PSI, Inc. (Environmental)

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. High School (MLK) is a state-of-the-art high school that replaced Alfred Lawless High School, which was destroyed in ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMSizeier Thompson Brown ArchitectsCAPACITY850COST PER SQ FT$265.00FEATURED IN2016 Architectural Portfolio Katrina.
Set upon nearly 1,300 precast piles driven to a depth of roughly 80 feet, this three-story structure stands tall and proud within the community. MLK consists of a majority concrete structure with nearly 11,000 cubic yards of concrete, more than 1,100 tons of concrete reinforcement and a roughly 550-ton steel structure containing 20 plus classrooms, an 850-seat gymnasium and a 450-seat theater.
The school houses a sophisticated mechanical and electrical system consisting of state-of-the-art lighting controls, energy-efficient equipment and a web-based, mobile-device-compatible BAS control system. These items include, but are not limited to: smart lighting controls with daylight harvesting and occupancy sensors, a 124-camera CCTV system with hard drive storage, emergency power via a natural gas fueled generator, more than 1,500 Cat 6A data drops, intercom systems, theater performance lighting and AV systems.