Dallas Baptist University, Dr. William B. Dean Learning Center

Dallas, Texas

  • FIRM

    Beck Architecture


    Dallas Baptist University

  • AREA

    16,800 sq.ft.





Design team
Beck Architecture; Walter P. Moore (Civil Engineer); SMR Landscape Architects (Landscape); Click Engineering (Structural Engineer); ME Engineers (MEP Engineering)

The Dean Learning Center is patterned after Harvard Hall to continue Dallas Baptist University’s commitment to traditional Colonial architecture across the main campus.
The center ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$357.00FEATURED IN2016 Architectural Portfolio a multipurposed, vital hub of student learning, leadership development, and community engagement. Part of the university’s vision is to have its graduates recognized for their commitment to servant leadership in every field. The Dr. William B. Dean Learning Center complements that well-known vision by emphasizing the university’s historical prioritization of service learning.
Within the center, a diverse, thriving community of Christian scholars will be uniquely equipped to serve a world in need as students from across all disciplines receive service-learning opportunities. They not only learn servant leadership but also put into practice a heart of selfless giving.
The project creates an opportunity for the university to unify its student-service efforts in one, central location.
The facility provides a home to the Dr. William B. Dean Service-Learning Program, the Department of Online Education, the College of Professional Studies, the Career Development Center, the Student Government Association, the Office of Student Life, and the Office of Student Retention.