Tarrant County College District, Center of Excellence for Energy Technology

Forth Worth, Texas

  • FIRM

    Freese and Nichols, Inc.


    Tarrant County College District

  • AREA

    95,800 sq.ft.





Design team

Allen McRee, AIA, CCM, Freese and Nichols, Inc.; Craig Scranton, AIA, NCARB,

LEED AP, BNIM; John Hamilton, Archer/Western/CARCON, CMAR; Purdy-McGuire, Inc.; Jaster Quintinilla and Associates; Caye Cook & Associates; Criado & Associates, Inc.; 4b Technology Group, LLC

The Center of Excellence for Energy Technology is a ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMBNIMCAPACITY400COST PER SQ FT$344.00FEATURED IN2016 Architectural Portfolio building that teaches energy technology before students even enter a classroom. Landscaped with bioswales and native plantings shaded by solar panels, the Center demonstrates sustainable design and energy technology throughout.

Solar panels, incorporated into the courtyard design as trellises, provide one-third of the building’s energy during peak load. Inside, students observe systems through open ceilings and see-through walls. Pipes, duct work and other equipment are labeled and color-coded by function.

Addressing a triple bottom line of economic, environmental and human benefit, the Center is the first new building since this community college campus opened 50 years ago.

The design provides an impressive array of flexibility and innovation. In achieving LEED Platinum certification, the design encompassed sourcing, transport, and recycling construction materials; siting and building design; landscaping; water/stormwater management; and operating systems.

This is a new kind of classroom serving a new kind of industrial student: both will be able to anticipate and respond to changes and challenges.