Kasson-Mantorville Elementary School

Kasson, Minnesota

Design team
Dean Beeninga, Kara Rise, Nancy LaBissoniere, Blayne Parkos, Nick Achina, Keith Stockman

The addition consists of a new kindergarten wing and gymnasium. The existing school design has color-coded graphics for each classroom pod. Orange represents the new kindergarten pod and provides a clear identity for those entering the area. Acrylic signage ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY210COST PER SQ FT$222.00FEATURED IN2016 Architectural Portfolio provides wayfinding and serves as a teaching tool for students.
Design features include breakout spaces with “niches” where students can find a quiet place, work with a teacher, or collaborate with other students. A variety of furniture makes each space unique. Inlaid floor graphics (numbers, letters, and shapes) support learning activities. Suspended circular acoustical ceiling clouds bring playfulness and color to the space.
The classrooms have built-in window seating that provide “cave space” areas for learning. Flexible furniture enhances portability for different learning activities. Tables are of different shapes, and bookshelves are mobile for creating various learning settings. “Puzzle tables” encourage teacher-student-student collaboration. Portable Hokki stools and soft-seating benches support movement and individualized learning preferences. Inlaid circles in the carpet tile flooring help guide students with space definition. Student cubbies, daylighting (with shelves), restrooms and sinks are provided in each kindergarten room.