Johnson & Wales University, Harbor View Renovations

Cranston, Rhode Island

Design team
Tracey Donnelly, Kathryn Mancini

The architects designed renovations and alterations to the Harbor View facility. The existing building is classified as a non-separated, mixed-use occupancy consisting of a two-story assembly and dining structure connected to a five-story residence hall.
The scope of renovations to the assembly area includes ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMBuilding Engineering Resources, Inc., LDD Collaborative, Inc., Davey Associates, Inc., Kalin AssociaFEATURED IN2016 Architectural Portfolio and alterations to the upper-level function areas and lower-level student dining areas; a complete revamp of the lower-level kitchen to provide state-of-the-art food preparation and teaching facilities; and improvements to flow and utilization of existing space. The project also takes advantage of the building’s proximity to Narragansett Bay via a new exterior plaza.
The construction budget for the work associated with the assembly areas and residence hall renovation is $11 million and consists of about 26,000 square feet of interior renovations to the assembly areas, 15,000 square feet of exterior plaza improvements and 71,000 square feet of interior upgrades to the residence hall.