Belmont University, R. Milton and Denice Johnson Center, Dining and Academic Building

Nashville, Tennessee

  • FIRM



    Belmont University

  • AREA

    135,000 sq.ft.





Associated Firms: I. C. Thomasson Associates, Inc., Ross Bryan Associates, Inc., Russ Berger Design Group, Hodgson & Douglas, LLC, Smith Seckman Reid, Inc., Inman Foodservices Group, RPM Transportation Consultants

Design team
David Minnigan, Darrell Lambert, Janet Wennerlund, Brad Graves

Experiential studies that give students an edge in ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY2,600COST PER SQ FT$561.00FEATURED IN2016 Architectural Portfolio areas are a hallmark of Belmont. The multifunctional Johnson Center provides hands-on learning experiences for The Curb College of Music Business & Entertainment, which offers degree programs in music business, audio engineering technology, entertainment industry studies, songwriting and a new motion pictures curriculum. In this four-story complex, students can immerse themselves in a comprehensive lights-camera-action world that is equipped with $3.6 million in technology resources.
Designed for interdisciplinary collaboration, the facility includes highly specialized spaces such as a 250-seat screening theater, a sound stage, editing labs, a motion capture space, a foley/ADR suite, a TV production studio, a control room and a dedicated production space for student media. This is the first and only university-based film program capable of developing, producing and showing theater-ready films in the Dolby Atmos format.
The second floor is devoted to 950-seat cafeteria-style dining that offers the entire student body a wide array of options. Seeking LEED Gold Certification, the building includes a 400,000-square-foot underground parking garage, a geothermal heating and cooling system installed beneath the adjoining lawn and four sections of green roof.