Villanova University, The Davis Center for Athletics and Fitness

Villanova, Pennsylvania

  • FIRM



    Villanova University

  • AREA

    1,700 sq.ft.



The renovation of the Davis Center for Athletics and Fitness demonstrates Villanova University’s commitment to world-class practice facilities for its student athletes and campus community. The goal for this transformation was to provide athletes and coaches with a comfortable, user-friendly space designed for maximum productivity. The renovation includes upgrades to ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONFEATURED IN2016 Educational Interiors ShowcaseINTERIOR CATEGORYPhysical-Education Facilities/Recreation Centers for the men’s and women’s programs as well as several public spaces.
Throughout, the design is inspired by “Nova Nation” basketball history. The men’s basketball lobby features a large trophy case, which now includes the 2016 NCAA Championship trophy.
Reorganized circulation, along with new carpets, ceilings and lighting design, contribute to making the space feel larger. The use of Villanova’s team colors, basketball material accent walls, unique team branding elements and team picture create a fan-friendly space that incorporates school pride.
The team room, also known as “the cinema,” is highlighted by a wood and laminate feature wall that extends into the space as a ceiling element. This wall includes an 80-inch monitor as well as space-saving, operable panels for a “pop-up” team buffet.
For the main staircase, careful consideration went into material selection and lighting design. The result is an open space that showcases a three-story exhibit celebrating Villanova’s basketball programs.