Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Folger Dining Hall

Indiana, Pennsylvania

  • FIRM

    Stantec Architecture


    Indiana University of Pennsylvania

  • AREA

    32,500 sq.ft.





Situated along Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s Pratt Dive, Folger Dining Hall houses the campus post office, print center, and a newly renovated 500-seat dining facility. The building’s namesake, Olive K. Folger, was a dietitian for the university from 1934 to 1958. “Ma” Folger was known for her exuberance on the football field sidelines and her willingness to feed ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$339.00FEATURED IN2016 Educational Interiors ShowcaseINTERIOR CATEGORYCafeterias/Food-Service Areas beyond typical dining hours.
The interior design’s bold use of color and dynamic lines invoke Olive’s vim and vigor, while delineating seating zones and lending a sense of cohesion between dining and servery areas. A reclaimed wood feature wall embodies Olive’s warmth and generosity and enables the facility to function as a lounge space after dining hours.
Supporting this lounge function are seating options such as banquettes, high-top counters, powered tables, soft seating, and built-in reclaimed wood benches.
A see-through gas fireplace and custom-designed light fixture serve as focal points within the facility’s double-height dining spaces.