University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Henson Hall Renovation

Knoxville, Tennessee

Henson Hall, home of the UT Knoxville College of Social Work, underwent an extensive renovation that spanned 28,000 square feet within the building.
The structure received upgrades to classrooms, additional student lounge space, study spaces, a computer lab, new audio-video technology and HVAC systems. Wireless connectively in the building also was improved.
Nine ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMNashville Office InteriorsCOST PER SQ FT$43.00FEATURED IN2016 Educational Interiors ShowcaseINTERIOR CATEGORYInterior RenovationSUB CATEGORYRenovation that previously served as student housing when the building functioned as a residence hall were demolished to create space for classrooms, lounges and office suites.
The design for the student lounge emphasized a relaxing atmosphere while also functioning as a collaborative space for student learning.
In the offices, lounges, and study areas, designers worked around existing structural columns, radiators and windows to make the best use of space.
Designers selected furniture for the renovation that could be modified in one-inch increments to best fit each of the spaces.
The furniture in the renovated portions of the building melded function and design for a cohesive look throughout the learning environment.