Sutton Memorial Middle/High School Renovation and Addition

Sutton, Massachusetts

  • FIRM

    Flansburgh Architects


    Sutton Public Schools

  • AREA

    175,000 sq.ft.





The Sutton Memorial Middle/High School shares a 64-acre public school campus with the early development and elementary schools. The project renovated 50,000 square feet and added 125,000 square feet to the combined middle/high school. Objectives of the project were to retain the existing gymnasium and provide enhanced community facilities, including ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$269.00FEATURED IN2015 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYRenovation professional-level theater, a local-access TV studio and a community courtyard.

The academic spaces of the high school are organized around the existing gymnasium. The academic spaces of the middle school are organized in a series of arcs around a new community courtyard. Shared common areas include the library, a dining commons, a theatre, and arts and technology spaces. Each area looks out onto the community courtyard, bringing daylight and garden into the heart of the school. The courtyard provides outdoor lobby space for performances, outdoor dining space, and social space, enhancing the sense of community.

The horseshoe-shaped theater includes wraparound balconies that foster a sense of drama and intimacy. In the rear of the theater, two upper seating tiers can be closed off to become separate lecture rooms during the day.