Ball State University, Football Complex

Muncie, Indiana

The stated goal of the Football Complex is “to create a dynamic, collaborative team environment that enhances the BSU football experience for current and prospective student athletes.”

The original program called for putting the Football Complex at the east end of the Fisher Training Center. During programming it became evident that there were many ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY528COST PER SQ FT$257.00FEATURED IN2015 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYWork in Progress to placing it on the center’s west end at the “knuckle” between the center and the west and south stands of Scheumann Stadium. This new location provides a better first impression, a better recruitment path and functions more as a “front door” location. It also sits directly across from the school’s alumni center on axis with the existing walkway.

From a strictly utilitarian standpoint, the west location has more direct access to power, gas, sewer and telecom utilities. This prominent site provides students with a link to alumni and athletics.

This location is in keeping with the football program’s goal of creating a vibrant complex that will enhance the visibility and status of the football program with a facility that can be used for recruiting both student athletes and coaches.

In keeping with these goals, the exterior will have a “wow factor” that serves to augment recruiting of first-rate players and coaches and to engage alumni to assist in fundraising. This has been handled sensitively to avoid overshadowing the existing and more restrained Fisher Center. A physical connection has been created with the Fisher Training Center that enables the existing complex to retain its own identity.