Sewanhaka High School

Floral Park, New York

The Sewanhaka High School addition and alterations are part of a district-wide modernization and expansion program that involves five high schools. The addition is designed to support grades 8 to 12. The program will include a new kitchen, a cafeteria, a faculty dining/board room, a culinary art classroom/kitchen and a gymnasium complex with a separate fitness center. ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONFEATURED IN2015 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYWork in Progress improvements also will include new athletic fields and a new track.

The renovation will address the relocation of the existing library into the former cafeteria space and the conversion of the old library into new orchestral and choral rooms. The project also will renovate and modernize the 1926 auditorium.

The design of the new addition is organized around a central lobby/atrium that acts as a link between the 1926 facility and the new athletic fields and parking area. At the same time, this main lobby is the organizational axis between the new commons and the athletic complex.

The new main lobby also will vertically connect the lower levels with the existing upper levels. By creating a clerestory configuration in the main lobby and gymnasium, the spaces are flooded with natural light though the entire perimeter.

Because of the existing facility’s 1926 classical architectural style, the new addition and renovations will be incorporate materials and details that will complement the original building.