Intermediate School 230Q Annex

New York, New York

  • FIRM

    Ciardullo Associates


    New York City School Construction Authority

  • AREA

    36,200 sq.ft.





Intermediate School 230Q Annex is a four-story school constructed by the NYC School Construction Authority in the historic district of Jackson Heights in Queens. As one of the earliest neighborhoods to use innovative designs in response to the chronic scarcity of urban housing, Jackson Heights is steeped in the architectural tradition of balancing conflicting needs for ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMDVL Consulting Engineers, Inc.CAPACITY423COST PER SQ FT$559.00FEATURED IN2015 Architectural Portfolio efficiency and light-filled open spaces. The school layout continues this tradition by utilizing an efficient U-shaped circulation core to serve peripheral spaces. That, along with a deep setback, ensures that daylight floods the building from all sides. Exposed structural braces enhance the sense of openness within.
The annex will relieve crowding at the existing middle school by accommodating 423 students grade 6 to 8, on a 10,000-square-foot lot with classrooms, specialized instructional spaces for science, art and music, a library, a student dining room and administrative offices.
Approved by the New York State Preservation Office, the design incorporates brick patterns and textures, as well as cast stone elements, as a contemporary adaptation of the architectural details found throughout the neighborhood. The I.S. 230Q Annex also conforms to the requirements of the NYC School Construction Authority’s Green Schools Guide for design, construction and operation.