Lubbock High School Cafeteria

Lubbock, Texas

Built in 1931, Lubbock High School has a unique place in the history of Lubbock and the South Plains of Texas. Entered into The National Register of Historic Places in 1985, the high school is noted for its Northern Italian Romanesque Revival design and several ornate design features that give it a unique look and feel.
When policy changes created a district-wide need ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY812COST PER SQ FT$211.36FEATURED IN2015 Architectural Portfolio larger cafeterias, the Lubbock Independent School District purchased land adjacent to the existing campus and constructed a new cafeteria. Connected to the existing building with arcades that match the original design, the multiuse facility contains a kitchen, food-court-style serving counters, an 812-seat dining hall, toilets, equipment storage and janitorial spaces. A 9,464-square-foot outdoor courtyard, which also mirrors the original building design, gives students the opportunity for outside dining.
Using design features and building materials from the original structure, the new Lubbock High School Cafeteria maintains the design integrity of the past while providing for the needs of the future.