Jayne Ann Miller Elementary School

Lubbock, Texas

  • FIRM

    Parkhill, Smith & Cooper


    Lubbock Independent School District

  • AREA

    96,134 sq.ft.





The new, two-story Jayne Ann Miller Elementary School provides teaching facilities for up to 800 pre-K through fifth grade students. Situated on a 4.5-acre tract adjacent to a city park, the site offered unique opportunities for outdoor learning and playgrounds as well as challenges for off street dropoff, parking and services. The school replaced an out-of-date campus in ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY800COST PER SQ FT$184.00FEATURED IN2015 Architectural Portfolio established and upscale neighborhood, so a major design consideration was how the facility would fit within its context.
The site restrictions required that the building be a two-story structure, with grades 3 through 5 on the second floor. The windows in almost all classrooms provide views into the park and the heavily landscaped neighborhood. On-site cast tilt-up concrete panels provided an efficient means of construction for the two-story classroom wing. Brick, block, ashlar stone and steel are the primary building materials. A gym, cafeteria with stage, music room, art room, technology lab and media center form a compact first-floor neighborhood with convenient access for students and teachers. The front door administration suite provides security and control.