University of Oklahoma, Radar Innovations Laboratory

Norman, Oklahoma

GSB, Inc. provided full architectural services for the new Radar Innovations Laboratory on the south research campus at the University of Oklahoma (OU). This state-of-the-art building is dedicated to advancing the university’s interdisciplinary radar research program.
Highlights of the new facility:
• A microwave research lab
• A high-bay prototype ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$352.94FEATURED IN2015 Architectural Portfolio garage
• A prototype fabrication lab
• A machine shop
• High- and low-frequency anechoic chambers
• Rooftop research apparatus and experiment deck
• An “Idea Room” to foster team collaboration and innovation
Approximately 60 students and 20 faculty from the Advanced Radar Research Center use the laboratory. Researchers focus not only on weather radar systems, but also on technology for military and commercial applications. The facility enhances efforts to recruit prestigious international radar researchers. The Vice President of Research & Professor of Meteorology, Dr. Robert Palmer, acknowledges: “There’s not another lab like this in the country. I believe OU has the best radar program in the United States, and now the best lab.”
The laboratory is awaiting LEED certification. Among its sustainable features:
• Extensive use of daylighting
• Regional and recycled materials
• Appropriate solar orientation and shading
• No new parking
• Extensive LED lighting
• High-velocity, low-volume fans to recirculate conditioned air
• 100 percent wind power