Joseph Estabrook Elementary School

Lexington, Massachusetts

  • FIRM

    DiNisco Design


    Lexington Public Schools

  • AREA

    91,840 sq.ft.





Inadequate space and insufficient infrastructure necessitated the replacement of the existing school. Constructing a new school while the existing school was occupied was the most cost-effective solution. The overriding design goal was to achieve a symbiotic relationship between the new school and its surroundings.
Landscaping features include an amphitheater/outdoor ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY540COST PER SQ FT$361.00FEATURED IN2015 Architectural Portfolio area focused on a greenhouse. Open, paved play and playground areas are integrated and flow around a landscaped rain garden. The building responds to the site with features such as flowing canopies that provide shelter and shade, soft-hued brick with subtle patterns, and metal panels that reduce the building’s presence. Multiscaled windows with south-facing exterior sun screens add texture, scale and color.
Collaborative and flexible learning spaces are designed for personalized learning and teamwork. Project areas outside classrooms provide additional individual/small group instructional space. The cafeteria and a music room combine to serve as an auditorium.
The organic integration of site and building along with adjacent conservation land support the environmental education program. The new school is certified LEED Silver.