Roberto and Dr. Francisco Jiménez Elementary School

Santa Maria, California

  • FIRM

    19six Architects


    Santa Maria-Bonita School District

  • AREA

    60,825 sq.ft.





The Santa Maria Bonita School District has seen tremendous growth in recent years. In order to prepare for the next wave of student growth, the district enlisted the help of PMSM Architects to develop a new standard for excellence in educational design. Working with the district, PMSM Architects reviewed all existing campuses and incorporated the best ideas into one ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY825COST PER SQ FT$288.00FEATURED IN2015 Architectural Portfolio and exciting design that will inspire students and staff.
Jiménez Elementary School features:
• 10-acre campus
• Capacity for up to 825 students
• An administration building that also houses the library and media center and is strategically situated to have visual access to the main parking lot, campus core and playground
• An 11,000-square-foot multipurpose building that has a full kitchen, dining for up to 480 students and full courts for basketball and volleyball
• 30 regular classrooms and three kindergarten classrooms
• Daylight design incorporated into all buildings
• LED lighting
• Participation in Pacific Gas & Electric’s Savings By Design program.