Providence College, Campus Transformation

Providence, Rhode Island

The Landscape and Land Use Master Plan has been developed to continue Providence College’s (PC) campus transformation goals in preparation for the upcoming 2017 Centennial of the founding of the college. The resulting vision plan establishes a comprehensive design framework for future land-use decisions and enhancement of the campus landscape via a multiphased ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONFEATURED IN2015 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYCampus Master Planning to unite a geographically divided campus.

A busy city street has long bisected the campus and created a real partition between upper and lower, east and west. Acquiring the street offered the college a once-in-a-generation opportunity to merge the campus into a cohesive whole and enhance overall function and beauty throughout. When fully realized, the plan from PC and S/L/A/M will unify the campus by providing improved circulation for pedestrians and vehicles, enhancing the open space network, and aligning new facilities with PC’s exceptional academics and unique culture. The plan strives to be an embodiment of PC’s mission statement: “a community committed to academic excellence in pursuit of the truth, growth in virtue, and service to God and neighbor.”

An in-depth understanding of the existing campus and the PC ethos was the starting place for developing the plan. Extensive technical and subjective evaluations were facilitated by the project team’s highlighting of opportunities and constraints inherent in the unique character of the campus landscape. An inclusive and collaborative dialogue with the campus community provided planners with insight into campus conditions and its functionality. This process informed a strategy that blended new with existing, established opportunities for new memorable and iconic places, and organized circulation patterns that support and enhance the educational experience and park-like qualities of the urban sanctuary of the PC campus.

This submission is made in memory of S/L/A/M Principal and landscape architect Kyle Slocum, ASLA, who passed away suddenly near the culmination of the Master Plan. “Kyle, over the past two years, has helped us to envision a transformed campus,” says John Sweeney, Senior Vice President of Finance and Business at Providence College. “His ideas and vision for Providence College have received such an outpouring of support from our students, faculty, staff and alumni.” The built work will stand as a reminder and a living memorial of his hard work and dedication to the PC Campus Transformation.