Schrader Elementary School, Campus Redevelopment

New Port Richey, Florida

The new Schrader Elementary School replaced an outdated 40-year-old facility that no longer met the pedagogy of Pasco County Schools. The new facility is designed around a five-classroom collaborative learning center. Because the design was ongoing when the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy occurred, security was a high priority.
The new buildings are situated along a ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY442COST PER SQ FT$166.16FEATURED IN2015 Architectural Portfolio courtyard that has a 9-foot grade difference from one side to the other. A two-story classroom building sits on one side of the courtyard and a one-story building containing the administration, media center, cafeteria, music and art room was situated on the other side. The administrative area is positioned at the middle of the one-story building, and the principal’s office faces the courtyard to give the principal visual oversight of the courtyard. The central courtyard provides a secure circulation space around the center core of the campus.
The school is designed with compartments that can be locked down if needed. Open vistas are provided around the school for visual security.