St. Timothy's School, Dixon Hall

Stevenson, Maryland

This project involves the substantial 18,850-square-foot renovation and 19,250-square-foot expansion of St. Timothy’s primary academic building to provide flexible, technology-rich, user-defined learning environments. The existing building, dating from the 1960s, contained classrooms, science labs and a library that no longer supported the current ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY240COST PER SQ FT$158.00FEATURED IN2015 Architectural Portfolio program.
With a tight budget, St. Timothy’s embarked on a design process that resulted in a truly transformational design, not only in the existing building, but also in the completed project’s ability to enhance learning by using technology to foster teaching innovation. The finished project features a lecture hall, a World Languages Center, a Center for Teaching and Learning, four adaptable project-based science laboratories, 15 classrooms fitting multiple teaching pedagogies, a library, meeting space and a faculty center.
St. Timothy’s offers the prestigious International Baccalaureate diploma program that encourages critical examination of ideas, authentic experimental learning and the development of skills across all disciplines. This design is able to celebrate that ideal, resulting in an environment for students to collaborate and prosper.