Monte Vista Elementary School Library

Santa Barbara, California

  • FIRM

    19six Architects


    Hope School District

  • AREA

    7,500 sq.ft.





The newly constructed Monte Vista Elementary School Library incorporates the existing mid-century modern architecture of the campus with sustainable design.
Sustainable design elements:
• Building orientated to maximize daylighting
• Overhangs on south-facing windows
• Glazing on north-facing facades, high north-facing windows with views to ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY163COST PER SQ FT$400.00FEATURED IN2015 Architectural Portfolio mountains
• Large sloped roof plane faces south for future solar panels
• Operable windows
The interior layout allows for maximum flexibility as the needs and program of the library change in the future. The core of the interior is the librarian’s desk, which creates a central place to check out books and ask for help. It maximizes the librarian’s visibility throughout the space for security and supervision purposes.
Three zones of teaching, at different scales, are incorporated into the main reading room, and a separate classroom is connected via double glass doors that can open to make one larger space. Newly landscaped outdoor spaces enable students to take advantage of favorable weather. Additionally, two special-needs classrooms and three staff offices are situated in a smaller-scale building mass on the east side of the library.