University of the Sciences, UScience IPEX

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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    College of Health Sciences

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    57,500 sq.ft.





Nestled into the side of a 30-foot-tall embankment, the building celebrates the infusion of natural light into the central circulation core. One’s perception of the position of the exterior ground plane is altered by how natural light floods the building interior. The building employs many sustainable design strategies and is distinguished by receiving three Green Globes. ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMMacIntosh (Structural Engineering), Precis (MEP Engineering), Pennoni (Civil Engineering)COST PER SQ FT$367.00FEATURED IN2015 Architectural Portfolio of the green attributes include a green roof, below-grade storm-water infiltration beds and a triple-glazed low-E curtain wall exterior façade.
The building includes space for a newly accredited physician assistant (PA) education program and a new speech language pathology program. The PA program includes multipurpose classroom space, clinical practice labs, simulation labs, patient rooms, locker/gown rooms, a seminar room and a large central atrium for the student lounge. The speech pathology lab has soundproof therapy rooms with one-way observation glass, a technical control room, a multipurpose classroom and conferencing space. Both programs are supported with faculty office and conferencing space. The third floor is fallow for future program expansion.