University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Nursing, Signe Skott Cooper Hall

Madison, Wisconsin

  • FIRM

    Kahler Slater


    University of Wisconsin Department of Facilities Development

  • AREA

    166,500 sq.ft.





Ranked among the nation’s top 20 nursing programs, the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Nursing lacked a true home on campus. Realizing this absence of identity would impede the school’s growth, the university decided that a dedicated center for nursing education was essential.
Working with the university, Kahler Slater designed an inviting, humanistic ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$209.00CITATIONSpecial CitationFEATURED IN2015 Educational Interiors ShowcaseINTERIOR CATEGORYHealthcare Facilities/Teaching Hospitals that promotes health and collaborative interdisciplinary learning experiences with the neighboring medical and pharmacy schools. The resulting design is a transformative cornerstone and includes high-tech conference rooms, research offices and active learning classrooms, which are among the largest and most technologically interactive in the state. The program integrates a realistic simulation suite, auditorium, multi-use rooms for exercise and wellness programs, and a coffee shop.
Representing one of the most innovative nursing education and research facilities in the nation, Signe Skott Cooper Hall School of Nursing supports collaboration across disciplines with its open design and large student spaces. The result introduces a new era of nursing education.