Kankakee Community College. North Extension Center

Kankakee, Illinois

Located approximately 60 miles south of Chicago, Kankakee Community College recently identified the need to better serve its residents and business community, and as a result, made a strategic decision to develop a new satellite facility in the northern part of its district.


With a focus on workforce development and adult education, the new ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY229COST PER SQ FT$257.00FEATURED IN2014 Architectural Portfolio Extension Center was designed as an 18,300-square-foot, two-story facility that opens itself up to its community in many ways. The interior space is filled with natural light, providing its users with a sense of community and energy, while the thoughtful use of glazing, a wood rainscreen system, and metal panels provide a contemporary aesthetic that acknowledges the facility's commitment to sustainable design. Spacious and flexible classrooms, labs, and meeting spaces on the interior also provide students and community members with engaging, collaborative learning environments.


As its county's first LEED Gold certified building, the facility also boasts a geothermal heating and cooling system, roof-mounted photovoltaic panels, and numerous other energy-saving strategies to reduce ongoing operating costs and to set the benchmark for future development in the area.