Valley City State University, Rhoades Science Center

Valley City, North Dakota

  • FIRM

    JLG Architects


    Valley City State University

  • AREA

    60,337 sq.ft.





Framing the west side of Valley City State University's Campus Mall, the Rhoades Science Center provides a hands-on, laboratory-rich, collaborative environment in which students are active participants in the learning process. The addition and remodel of the existing Science Center includes a variety of research laboratories and spaces for interaction among faculty ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY908COST PER SQ FT$146.45FEATURED IN2014 Architectural Portfolio students. Laboratories were relocated to the addition, where rooms have greater floor-to-floor heights. The existing building was remodeled to accommodate classrooms, offices and other support spaces that do not require major mechanical services.


The addition preserves the prominent outdoor space on the campus and strengthens the campus mall identity that has defined Valley City State University. Implementing a variety of sustainable design practices throughout the project’s interior, exterior and landscaping was a goal from the early stages of the project and contributed to the project’s achievement of LEED certification—a process that began after construction had already started.