Hawkeye Community College, Buchanan Hall

Waterloo, Iowa

  • FIRM



    Hawkeye Community College

  • AREA

    12,494 sq.ft.





The Buchanan Hall addition serves as the Advanced Technology Business Center for Hawkeye Community College. The project began with the idea of becoming the outreach center to local businesses such as John Deere, Black Hawk Engineering, and local manufacturing companies. The outreach center is a collaborative environment where students, faculty and partnering businesses ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$183.70FEATURED IN2014 Architectural Portfolio to discuss current training and what skills Hawkeye Community College is equipping prospective employees with for these local businesses. This building has spaces that support collaborative visioning on how Hawkeye Community College can create programs for continuing education opportunities for the advanced technology field, how they can continue to be the education provider for these businesses and how together they help the vitality of the local economy. This collaboration was demonstrated in the design process as all stakeholders were engaged in conceptualizing and equipping this building with one of the most engaging, collaborative environments on campus.