Blessed Maria Assunta Pallotta Middle School

Waterloo, Iowa

  • FIRM



    Cedar Valley Catholic Schools

  • AREA

    50,000 sq.ft.





The new middle school for the Archdiocese of Dubuque consolidates students in grades 6-8 from older parish schools around the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area. Built as a separate wing to Columbus High School, the new facility was designed to share kitchen services with the existing school and allows the use of gym space for extracurricular activities. This new center serves ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY288COST PER SQ FT$149.70FEATURED IN2014 Architectural Portfolio academic needs of 288 students (with capability to serve up to 350) in standard classrooms enhanced with shared resource areas that help set the stage for the school's new one-to-one technology delivery. Other spaces enhancing the learning and life experience of the students include a student commons with a performance platform and a chapel enhanced by custom furniture and art glass accents. This addition helps promote the outreach and service base of the school and creates new collaborative environments that expand on the inclusive nature of the Cedar Valley Catholic School System.