Hanscom Middle School

Hanscom Air Force Base, Massachusetts

  • FIRM



    Department of Defense Education Activity / Lincoln Public Schools

  • AREA

    85,000 sq.ft.





The two-story, 85,000-gross-square-foot Hanscom Middle School will accommodate 310 students (350 capacity) from grades 4-8. Programming and planning was developed in collaboration with Department of Defense Educational Activity (DoDEA), Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools (DDESS), Hanscom Air Force Base and the local educational agency, Lincoln ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY350COST PER SQ FT$301.00FEATURED IN2014 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYWork in Progress Schools.


The main organizing gesture is the creation of small learning communities (neighborhoods) around a grand commons at the heart of the facility. The commons space is extremely flexible, accommodating cafeteria seating, a stage and general circulation. In addition, all academic programs (based on the STEAM curriculum - science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) have a "storefront" on the commons, which offers the proximity and visual continuity to utilize the commons as breakout space for all STEAM programming.


The footprint of the building was minimized for energy conservation; exterior learning spaces augment those of the interior. Optimal building orientation allowed for the successful use of natural daylighting. Light monitors throughout provide soft northern light to augment or replace artificial lighting.