Pima Community College, Northwest Campus New Building Expansion

Tucson, Arizona

  • FIRM

    BWS Architects


    Pima Community College, Facilities Operations and Construction

  • AREA

    49,000 sq.ft.





This three-story masonry expansion to an existing campus includes an 80-station math emporium, biology, physiology, organic/general chemistry labs, occupational training room, general education classrooms and lecture rooms to support programs in science, technology, engineering and math. It also includes a student life center with services and activities to encourage ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY923COST PER SQ FT$185.00FEATURED IN2014 Architectural Portfolio engagement on campus.


The available site is a west-facing hillside. So although open perimeter corridors are typical on the campus, provisions for shade and natural ventilation were required. Using elements similar to the existing campus vocabulary, such as painted steel, aluminum windows and exterior insulation systems, the firm designed the west facade as a steel frame with inserted shade devices like tinted glazing, perforated metal panels and louvers.


The wide, shaded exterior walkways and common and study rooms encourage student and faculty interaction. The learning spaces provide flexibility, with movable partitions and furniture that can be reconfigured to promote interactive learning. Smart technology allowing instantaneous polling, digital note transfer, and other means of enhanced learning is also integrated into the classroom, labs and lecture hall.