Ewa Beach Elementary, State of Hawaii Energy Positive Portable Classroom

Ewa Beach, Hawaii

The Energy Positive Portable Classroom was commissioned by the Hawaii State Department of Education as a prototype for high-performance modular classrooms for the next generation of sustainable schools. The easily relocatable building system is designed with flexibility in mind and options for classroom comfort and energy efficiency in a wide range of ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMHawaii Modular Space / Blazer Industries, IncorporatedCAPACITY24COST PER SQ FT$326.66FEATURED IN2014 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYModular Facility conditions.


The building is prefabricated in three easily transportable modules, reducing initial cost and energy, and facilitating efficient relocation and reuse in the future, minimizing waste. An adaptable, modular building system with a range of optional equipment, finishes, and systems allows the structure to adapt to different sites and functions. Construction is accomplished in an energy- and resource-efficient factory, with a modular design facilitating future reuse on alternate sites, enhancing maximized sustainability throughout the classroom's lifecycle.


Performance issues addressed in the modular, adaptable design include thermal comfort, daylighting, energy conservation and generation, air quality, acoustics, spatial flexibility, and adaptability to advancing education technologies. A web-based monitoring system enables the building to be used as a learning tool by visualizing live weather and building performance data, while also contributing to ongoing design improvement based on actual performance data. As a comprehensive teaching tool, the building design exposes and highlights structural and performance components so that data is understood in reference to physical attributes of the construction and surrounding environment.