Stuart W. Cramer High School

Belmont, North Carolina

  • FIRM

    Boomerang Design, PA


    Gaston County Schools

  • AREA

    288,214 sq.ft.





Educational Program Requirements


The teaching pedagogy of the school is based on four “Learning Academies” within the school, each with its own identity and mini-administrative area. The school offers career and technical education including culinary arts, welding, flexography, and seminar space. A 1,500-seat ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY1,200COST PER SQ FT$133.91FEATURED IN2014 Architectural Portfolio serves both the school and the community at large.


Architect’s Response


Learning academies occupy the top two floors of the school with science labs and mini-administrative suites grouped in the middle. The Career Education Suite occupies a prominent first-floor location and is easily accessible to visiting professionals with a media center and seminar space that can be separately controlled for after-school use. The auditorium, envisioned as the “soul” of the school, is centrally located with good flow to backstage support areas and includes a scene shop, drama room, dressing rooms, etc. The school features separate and distinct entrances with integral security vestibules for visitors, auto arrivals, and bus arrivals.


Special or Unusual Problems


Fifty-three percent of the property is maintained as green space. The building footprint is intentionally compact for a school of its capacity, affording more outdoor learning area, less travel time to all points inside, and less exterior wall surface, which equates to a more energy-efficient building.




Technical Information:


• Built using load-bearing masonry construction


• Terrazzo flooring used in corridors


• Exterior is brick and decorative block


• Incorporated high–efficiency gas fired boilers


• Stadium includes an artificial turf football field