Corner Canyon High School

Draper, Utah

  • FIRM

    Sandstrom Architecture


    Canyons School District

  • AREA

    331,836 sq.ft.





Corner Canyon High School represents the first new high school for the Canyons School District. The vision for the school came through extensive research into Draper City’s history. Once we discovered "The Round House," we knew we had something special. The original Draper Round House was constructed in 1961 and had been the gathering place for community ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY2,500COST PER SQ FT$178.68FEATURED IN2014 Architectural Portfolio ever since. The classic style of the Round House inspired our design for this new high school. Most notably, the dome at the school's main entry mirrors the historic Round House. Other elements including columns, windows, arches and brickwork are also reflected in the school. The historic look and modern feel of the new high school will carry on the traditions and history of Draper. Since its construction, Corner Canyon High School has become the new gathering place for the community.


The school design features a central core containing the administration and counseling offices, media center and student computer labs, faculty lounge, cafeteria, and kitchen. From this central core extend a pair of two-story academic wings, one for science, labs, and art, and the other for English, social studies, and math. This plan allows for separation noise conflicts, which include the athletic, performance, and industrial areas. The performing arts area is home to the band room, chorus room, practice rooms, drama classroom, Little Theater, and an impressive 1,200-seat auditorium. Throughout the school, all the entryways are clearly identified. Additionally, natural daylighting was used to minimize costs and maximize sunlight.


The school motto is “semper excelsius” or “always higher.” Corner Canyon High School provides a state-of-the-art modern atmosphere that will allow, motivate, and inspire students to grow and always reach higher. The school building design will encourage excellence and achievement in learning now and for years to come.