Wake Technical Community College, Montague Hall

Raleigh, North Carolina

  • FIRM



    Wake Technical Community College

  • AREA

    46,500 sq.ft.





Now North Carolina's largest community college, Wake Technical Community College (Wake Tech) has seen significant growth in student enrollment. Located at the front of the college's main campus, the new Montague Hall meets the growing need for additional classroom space and administrative offices.


To address the building’s need to ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$275.00FEATURED IN2014 Architectural Portfolio both students and administrative employees, designers created an intersection through exterior materials. Glass and metal signify a sense of professionalism and represent the future of the administration. Brick and terracotta, in turn, provide a balance of history and academics. The blending of these materials symbolizes the expectant dialogue and a sense of transparency between the college’s administrators and its students.


Pursuing LEED Silver certification, the building is designed for optimal solar orientation. The slick expanse of glass along the south elevation is protected from thermal heat gain and glare by deep horizontal projections and fritted glass. The remaining elevations echo the verticality of the surrounding pines and respond to the project’s solar orientation with extruded aluminum fins.


Inside the building, a primary circulation spine extending the length of the south elevation organizes the programmed spaces. All of the office suites face north for maximized views and daylighting. The circulation spine serves as both a thermal buffer to offices and classrooms and provides a gathering space for visitors and staff, creating a dynamic public zone animated by interactive and digital displays communicating the history, geography and people that comprise Wake Tech Community College.


The space also incorporates a comprehensive environmental graphics package including Wake Tech’s new logo, colors, and attitude that reflect the progressive aspirations of the college and promote the brand’s inherent values. Bold colors, abstract graphics, and inspirational text complement the clean, modern, and rational architectural design.