Texas A&M University, Hullabaloo Hall Living Learning Center

College Station, Texas

  • FIRM

    Treanor Architects, PA


    Texas A&M University

  • AREA

    253,452 sq.ft.





Organizationally a community of its own, this neighborhood for 648 residents is also an integral part of the greater 3,500-person Northside village. A destination for students to find what they need, want and desire, the hall provides opportunities for play and academic focus.


A community learning center, video production studio, music ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMStantecCAPACITY648COST PER SQ FT$210.30FEATURED IN2014 Architectural Portfolio rooms, a 3,000-square-foot game room, coffee shop, gardening area, and outdoor gathering space all help support students' personal, social and academic success. The residence hall also serves the greater Texas A&M campus with classroom, media room and multipurpose gathering spaces.


Texas A&M branding is ingrained in every aspect of the building’s design, embracing the unique Aggie culture while bringing in a modern feeling of progress and innovation.