Meridian Public Schools, New Tech at Meridian High School

Sanford, Michigan

  • FIRM



    New Tech at Meridian High School

  • AREA

    9,700 sq.ft.





New Tech at Meridian High School re-designs teaching and learning for all high school students starting with the class of 2016. This effort is based on three interlinking goals:


• Foster a school culture that empowers students to take ownership of their classroom experience and school environment.


• Engage ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY400COST PER SQ FT$70.00FEATURED IN2014 Architectural Portfolio in collaborative work completing real-world projects.


• Provide students and staff with technology and resources that enable deeper learning within the instructional model.


Working with a small budget funded by local foundations, the school’s existing space was renovated to meet the standards for a New Tech school. Closed off, smaller rooms were opened and an antiquated wrestling space was given new purpose to create a uniquely large space that’s perfect for project-based learning. Students can easily move furniture for group or independent work since everything’s on casters. Carpet and acoustical wall panels help with sound absorption, especially when the space is full. Mobile smart boards, projection screens, and walls with rail mounted marker boards make the space flexible and technology-rich. There’s also power in the floors and wireless capability throughout. Students have options of how and where to work, so they can choose their most efficient and comfortable work space. New Tech successfully uses the renovated space to teach real life skills in today’s world.