Salem College, Student Center

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

The Student Center for Salem College is the first new building constructed on campus in 30 years. Designed to echo traditional 200-year-old Moravian building styles, it is a thoroughly modern building inside. Interior spaces surround a two-story hall with a grand staircase connecting both levels. Ceilings on the upper level open into the roof dormers which flood the ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$400.00FEATURED IN2014 Architectural Portfolio with natural light. On the upper level, a large student lounge centers around a fireplace. A lively café offers a quick-service grill, prepared foods, packaged items and a coffee bar, and opens to a patio, which can be converted to a coffeehouse/entertainment venue in the evenings. At the foot of the stairs, a smaller lounge area forms a lobby space for a small auditorium/theater, and leads to a new college bookstore. The lower level also houses a multipurpose meeting room that can be divided into three separate rooms via movable walls. Exterior doors from this area open onto a lower patio with a combination fire pit/water feature as a focal point.