Case Avenue Elementary School

Sharon, Pennsylvania

Replacing the original 88-year-old Case Avenue Elementary School, this new 90,165-square-foot building combines beautiful design with functional characteristics to ensure young children are able to interact and learn in both visual and tactile ways. Accommodating 741 students in grades Pre-K-6, the school includes small group instruction rooms, a STEM classroom, and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY741COST PER SQ FT$174.16FEATURED IN2014 Architectural Portfolio computer classrooms. Configurable furniture throughout the school allows each class the ability to rearrange to suit the needs of each specific program. A high-school-sized basketball court is housed in a multipurpose room allowing for stage performances and assemblies.


Finally, the design of the overall building focuses on the true heart of the school: its students, staff and community. A hallway mural depicts scenes from the school as well as the surrounding areas. Throughout the school, paw prints are used from the ceilings, to the floor, to minute details—such as soap dispensers—to show the pride of the Sharon City Tigers.