South Fayette Intermediate School

McDonald, Pennsylvania

A beautiful design that maintains a functional grasp on student needs is among the notable tenets of the South Fayette Intermediate School in McDonald, Pa. Supporting 720 students in grades 3-5, this 121,317-square-foot building focuses heavily on energy efficiency, student safety, and modern educational technology.


The school district's ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY873COST PER SQ FT$173.41FEATURED IN2014 Architectural Portfolio to the contemporary science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) curriculum provided the design basis for the facility’s signature STEAM labs. Each STEAM lab showcases one of three themes: the environment, earth and space, and robotics. Thematic elements in each room are tailored to the grade level of the learners.


The ability to adapt to changing curricula allows this facility to transform along with lesson and learner. Configurable furniture that suits individual, group, and laboratory learning ensures that students and staff are free to manipulate the learning environment.