Widener University, Freedom Hall

Chester, Pennsylvania

Located on the northwest corner of the campus quadrangle, Freedom Hall acts as a portal or gateway to the campus and defines the north edge of the quad. Its placement provides a framed view of the university's official symbol, the historic building Old Main, upon arrival from the campus' main parking lot. Its exterior skin is modest and comprised of materials ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY603COST PER SQ FT$334.00FEATURED IN2014 Architectural Portfolio of other adjacent buildings on campus, utilizing a combination of limestone and fieldstone with gabled roof forms.


The building’s interior provides spaces that force interaction, bringing together staff and students for collaboration. On each floor and within each program group there are common, open spaces of varying shapes and volumes connecting multiple floors. Students thrive in the environment as the nodes create opportunities for impromptu meetings. These will act as community places critical to supporting true experiential learning.


The 33,500-square-foot, three-story facility incorporates highly sustainable building systems and materials and is pending LEED Silver certification. These systems reveal themselves, enabling the users to recognize their value, thus informing dialogue, activity and potentially even the curriculum.