University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Pat Summitt Plaza

Knoxville, Tennessee

  • FIRM

    CRJA-IBI Group


    University of Tennessee, State of Tennessee

  • AREA

    14,828 sq.ft.



Pat Summitt Plaza serves as a permanent testament to the career of college basketball’s winningest head coach. Welcoming visitors to campus at the intersection of Lake Loudoun Boulevard and Phillip Fulmer Way, it features a bronze statue of Coach Pat Summitt and celebrates the Lady Volunteers basketball program.


Lake Loudoun Boulevard is ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMStudio 4 Design; I.C. Thomasson; Vaughn & Melton; Chad Stewart & AssociatesFEATURED IN2014 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYLandscape major campus artery. The boulevard underwent a major streetscape upgrade just prior to the construction of the plaza. The material selection and construction phasing resulted in a seamless transition from one project into the other.


The site, timeframe and prominence of the project presented a unique set of constraints. The project was completed in less than three months. The existing slope was 1:1 and the adjacent streets had to remain open to through traffic.


The design team chose abstract elements iconic to the game of basketball. The arcing form of the net creates the feature wall set as the backdrop to the sculpture. The concrete scorelines follow a crisscrossing net-like pattern. The sculpture is centered in a paved ring that is the exact dimension of a basketball court key.