Calumet Laurium Keweenaw High School/Middle School & New Elementary

Calumet , Michigan

  • FIRM

    THA Architects Engineers


    Public Schools of Calumet Laurium Keweenaw

  • AREA

    265,000 sq.ft.





Situated in the Keweenaw National Historic Park, the educational needs of the community melded with its history to create a learning center for the resident or visitor. The primary objective was to build a new grades 1-6 elementary school, a new gymnasium, public/school library and district offices that would physically connect two historic structures.

Restricted by ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMHitch, Civil & Structural EngineeringCAPACITY1,710COST PER SQ FT$65.41FEATURED IN1999 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYSpecialized site conditions, the solution successfully connected five buildings under one roof. Significant geological features and historic mine entrances on the site were incorporated into the learning environment.

Simple building forms and traditional features facilitate snow removal (25 feet annually), while respecting the historic architecture. The interconnect is the main street of the school and conveniently accesses the public areas. The elementary school contains six educational houses, each containing six classrooms, a pullout classroom, teachers prep room, support spaces and an activity area designed for easy classroom conversion.

Equipped with 21st-century technology throughout, the facility was heated in its first year for $12,000 using wood.

Photographer: ©Ron Campbell and ©Kendall Cox