University of Tennessee, Knoxville, John D. Tickle Engineering Building

Knoxville, Tennessee

The John D. Tickle Engineering Building houses the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Department of Industrial and Information Engineering. It was important to project both a state-of-the-art image as well as a welcoming departmental identity for the facility. The new Conference Room 500 is designed to achieve both.

The conference room ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$210.00FEATURED IN2014 Educational InteriorsINTERIOR CATEGORYAdministrative Areas/Offices located on the 5th floor and contains a sunshaded glass wall with various views of the Tennessee River. The curved glass wall leads to the department’s reception and administrative offices.

The exterior aluminum sun screen controls the solar heat gain of the southwestern exposure while allowing daylighting. Motorized shades aid with room darkening during A/V presentations. A ceiling-mounted projector, motorized screen, and table-mounted data outlets offer presentation flexibility. The floating tile ceiling conceals mechanical and electrical systems while offering acoustical advantages to offset the glass walls.

The room is separated from the corridor by full height windows to allow the penetration of daylight into the building. The glass, contemporary suspended lighting, and metallic arched screen add to the 21st-century feel.