Lincoln Square Synagogue

New York, New York

The new home for the Lincoln Square Synagogue on Manhattan's Upper West Side is designed to elevate the sense of community for the modern Orthodox congregation and foster the Hebraic consciousness of prayer, reflection and study. This 52,000 square foot ground-up new building consists of three above grade and two below grade floors.

Jewish symbolic references ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCITATIONSilver CitationFEATURED IN2014 Educational InteriorsINTERIOR CATEGORYChapels/Worship Centers inspirational imagery play a powerful role in shaping the approach as the design process continually questioned how to create a building which is spiritual and contemplative yet engages and celebrates the communal aspect of Jewish culture. The main symbolic references, which guided the design, were the Torah; the nomadic tabernacle tent structure; the tallis, or prayer shawl; and the movement or “dance” during religious celebrations.

The undulating glass curtain wall is composed of five individual “ribbons,” which both refers to the Torah and defines the form of the sanctuary within. Set at the center of the synagogue, the 450-seat sanctuary creates a serene atmosphere conducive to meditation and worship. The building also includes a 2,200-square-foot outdoor terrace, a 160-person Beit Midrash (“house of study”), educational spaces, administrative offices, and a 500-seat, 10,000-square-foot banquet space.

LEED certification is in process.