Andrada Polytechnic High School

Tucson, Arizona


    Vail School District

  • AREA

    78,941 sq.ft.





Andrada Polytechnic High School is a 600-student, 79,000-square- foot school providing career and technical education with specialized labs and shops supporting project-based learning.

The four academies, Freshman, Transportation, Medical, and Bioscience, are housed in two-story wings organized around a central commons.

The commons has ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY607COST PER SQ FT$170.19FEATURED IN2013 Architectural Portfolio “college student union” atmosphere and includes the library, cyber cafe, tech center, career center, dining, presentation platform, and the fitness center, which is separated from the rest by glass.

The masonry, steel and glass structure spirals out from the central stair to take advantage of the beautiful views and opens up to create an inviting entry.

Adjacent to the commons is the two-story teacher center, which is interconnected with a spiral stair.

The commons is designed to support the school’s concept of freedom with responsibility, where every student has a free period during the day.

Andrada Polytechnic is a green school; it is seeking LEED gold certification.