Florida International University, Market Station

Miami, Florida

  • FIRM



    Florida International University

  • AREA

    773,000 sq.ft.





A signature landmark for the secondary entrance on the urban campus of Florida International University (FIU), the seven-story complex evolved from plans for a six-story, 1,450-space parking garage with two non-parking uses to a highly diversified, destination campus/community hub with 2,000 parking spaces and six other distinct uses. Program changes, spurred by fresh ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY2,000COST PER SQ FT$71.15FEATURED IN2013 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYSpecialized and campus master plan revisions, occurred primarily after design/construction had begun. The complex nonetheless was completed on schedule.

Elements include:

•12,500-square-foot campus police station.

•6,000-square-foot food court. 

•Rotunda with cyber lounge, and 13,500 square feet of indoor and outdoor seating. 

•Three large-volume distance-learning classrooms. 

•6,000-square-foot healthcare clinic. 

•7,500-square-foot FIU parking/transportation offices. 

Layering of architectural precast panels on the facade break up overall building mass, as do a flat roof with parapet, reveals and raised architectural banding. A 12-foot-wide canopy over a serpentine outdoor dining terrace focuses the eye at ground level. 

The project is a case study in design flexibility, value enhancement through mixed uses, wise land use, aggressive/creative financial planning and sustainable design.